Yoga is one of the world’s oldest forms of holistic exercise which is believed to link body to soul. The various Asana or body postures used during yoga reduce stress while making your body healthier. One of the major reasons of yoga getting so popular worldwide is that it has no age limit; it suits young and old alike. The benefits of yoga are innumerable and since there is gradual change in postures it neither gets boring.

Benefits of yoga are tremendous, it redefines the body to direct mind and soul to coordinate and reduces stress, fatigue as well as various diseases. Few of the benefits of yoga can be stated as:

* The different Yoga asana helps to maintain a good balance between body and mind, thus helping to maintain body balance even at old age.

* It reduces muscle tension thus minimizing body pain.

* Yoga helps to release hormones, which has a direct impact on one’s health and wellness.

* With yoga one can effectively reduce weight as well as maintain it in the long run.

* Yoga has proved helpful in curing many diseases like, back pain, asthma, sinus, diabetes and many more.

In order to get maximum benefit from yoga, one must practice it with full diligence and care should be taken while switching from one asana to another. You can get you rid of all the health worries and keep you fit; all you need to do is to practice it regularly.

Yoga can benefit you in many ways provided the Yoga Postures are carefully worked out. It is very important to understand the different postures in yoga since each posture affects the body differently. Any mistake or wrong posture can be a bit dangerous. Ancient history reveals a careful study of every yoga posture and its impact to affect one’s body and mind. The various Pranayam and Asana involve different body postures and timings of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Monitoring one’s breathing is the major aspect of yoga postures and should be understood carefully.

Yoga stretches are another feature of yoga where you can relax your body and reduce stress and fatigue. There are different stretches in yoga each contributing to the overall health of the body. Some of the most worked out stretches in yoga are; The Ankle and feet stretch, seated Backward Bend, Seated forward bend, neck stretch and much more. These stretches should be performed on a regular basis in order to take good care of the body. One thing that should be remembered that you should not overstress yourself while performing the yoga stretches.

A word of caution that everyone intending to switch to yoga must understand is, never to attempt it yourself at first. Always work with a certified yoga instructor to gain enough knowledge and training to understand the requirement the impact of each asana.

To value life it is essential to keep it healthy and various yoga postures are a solution to help you take care of your body. With the numerous health benefits of yoga, it is beneficial to incorporate yoga in our daily lives.

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