Free2Luv: Vibe Forward

logo_partner pngGood vibes begin within, usually from a place of self worth and that radiates outward, touching everyone and everything in it’s path.

Our youth are our greatest resource for a positive world right now and in the future.

Empowering them with self-esteem, inner-confidence and positive strength to overcome their odds, is our best bet.

We are proud sponsors of FREE2LUV® where youth are EMPOWERED, individuality is CELEBRATED, bullying is not tolerated & LUV ROCKS!

Free2LUV is  an  award-­‐winning  nonprofit  organization  dedicated  to  rockin’  individuality,  spreading  kindness  and  standing  up  to  bullying  through  arts  and  entertainment.  Their  mission  is  to  take  the  bullied  to  brave,  heal  hurts, empower, engage and enlighten youth globally to know that they are perfect just the way they are and they can use their voices for good.

Through our FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS BULLY® programs, Fre2LUV utilizes music, impactful messaging and interactive storytelling to promote kindness, build self-esteem and help youth be more responsible citizens in their community.

We at OmTHAT support our youth and a future of equality and equanimity .