Twin Flame Or Soul Mate, How to Tell

Twin Flame Or Soul Mate, How to Tell

Are They Your Twin Flame Or Soul Mate?

We’ve all been fed the romantic movie story of two people fall in love, kiss, marry, and have a baby. Sometimes, when we fall in love, we’re just so enthralled that there is actually someone out there that loves us for who we are that we’re done with relationship shopping and satisfied with what we’ve got. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you’re one of those people who is actually wanting more – you don’t want to fall in love with just anyone, you want THE one, then this article is for you.

Does everyone have a twin flame?

A person’s soul isn’t a limited resource – it belongs to the limitless energy of the infinite and All That Is. You don’t just have one “twin flame” – i.e. a person who shares your soul frequency imprint – you have many. They may be a brother or sister, a parent or friend, or people you have never meet nor ever will meet. They may be alive now, in the past, and in future. However what we call a “twin flame” is someone who has been born, roughly the same time as you, and in a body and gender that you will find sexually attractive, who, if you follow your heart’s calling (dharma), will arise on your life path for you to bond mutually and romantically with.

A twin flame relationship isn’t guaranteed for everyone – mostly it requires the preceding commitment to live your life on your terms no matter what – regardless of whether you meet your twin flame or maintain a relationship with them. What’s the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame? A soul mate is someone with whom, prior to this incarnation, you have made a soul contract with in order to learn something in this life important for your progress towards living your dharma. A soul mate is generally someone who will help you on your path to finding your twin flame (if you have one in this life).

Relationships with soul mates can often be challenging, and may end in heartbreak – ultimately, like a twin flame, they are here to teach you unconditional love for self and other, but may need to wake you up to this through the relationship ending rather than it continuing.

How do I meet my twin flame? Firstly, it’s important to know your own frequency – i.e. who do you feel like in your body when you feel like love​? Try and remember a time in your life when you had no needs to be anything, do anything, prove anything or go anywhere – perhaps as far back as being a little baby. Try and remember what feeling like this felt like in your body – then keep feeling it. That’s your soul frequency, that your twin flame will share. Keep feeling that feeling in your body of who you feel like when you feel like love, and do things that feel like that.

Rinse and repeat.

This will set you on the path of your dharma. When you are living your dharma, your strong magnetic force will attract your twin flame to live theirs, too. Meeting them will arise naturally, as part of living your normal life. They will be attracted to doing the same things you do and being the same places you are, because your soul magnet will simply be so strong.

I think I’ve met my twin flame, but we keep breaking up. What do I do? This is a question I get a lot, and whilst the answer is easy, it’s not so easy to do if we are feeling heartbreak. You simply must keep living your soul frequency as you feel like when you feel like love in your body. This is the frequency of “Rei-Ki” – the union of male and female life energy. This is the energy of your twin flame frequency. Loving yourself fully and completely, and loving whatever your heart calls you to do without regret or shame will simply transmit the healing energy that will help your twin flame do the same – and draw them to you rather than repel them away. If it doesn’t, then this person probably isn’t a twin flame – they are a soul mate here to trigger you on a path of unconditional self love as preparation for meeting your twin flame mate.

Akasha Rose

7 Places to Visit to Open Your Own Chakras

7 Places to Visit to Open Your Own Chakras

Seven Known Chakra Centers on Mother Earth

Because the Earth is a living planet, like our own bodies, it has 7 major chakras. As our energy flows through our main chakras, the Earth functions in the same way. In ancient times, Earth was held as a more sacred place than it is treated now, but we can still discover the Earth’s chakras for meditation and becoming one with our planet.

By visiting one of the 7 chakra centers on Earth, you’ll find an enhanced connection with the energy of the universe and be able to harness your own chakras more effectively. Here is where you will find the 7 chakras of the world.


Mt. Shasta, California
As the 1st chakra (though some say it’s the 5th), it is hailed as the root of the planet. It’s full of primal energy, represented by the Crystal Geyser there, which shoots to the surface in the very same way as the energy is rushed through us to our own root chakra. It is the force of life and a considered a fantastic place to meditate for those who need this energy.



Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia
This 2nd chakra matches with your sexual chakra. The rainbow serpent has so many ley lines that it is only second to Bali in hosting the most of them. Here, primal energy is birthed and it has been said that this chakra is responsible for helping the Earth to overcome entropy.



Uluru, Australia
Known as the Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta in Australia, this is the 3rd chakra. The Aboriginal people believe this to be the place where dreamtime legends come to life. In our own bodies, by visiting this mystical place, our solar plexus, the house of our emotions, connects in this powerful chakra spot.



Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, Dorset
In Indian traditions, the heart (4th) chakra is the center of the Earth’s heart, and where the Holy Grail can be found. It’s a place where the heart opens and the healing begins, both in our own bodies as well as in the Earth.


Great Pyramids near Mt. Sinai and Mt. Olives
Considered as the planet’s voice, the 5th chakra is the only one to exist that isn’t on a ley line. It’s precisely located in the center of the land mass. It is also said that the unrest in this region is caused by the planet crying for help.



Western Europe
The Third Eye Chakra is the 6th chakra on the planet. Because it can shift it is often dubbed the Aeon Activation Center. Currently, it is in Western Europe but is expected to move during the next thousand or so years. It allows energy from another dimension to enter, and mirrors our own ability to recognize other realities.



Mt. Kailas in the Himalayas
The 7th chakra is the highest energy center, nicknamed the “roof of the world.” It is the crown of Earth’s chakras and helps develop a higher state of consciousness.

Have you visited one of these 7 centers for chakras? Tell us!

I AM The Edge

I AM The Edge

Transcending the edge in yoga

(Find the edge of love… and then be that edge.)

The real breakthrough for me in my early yoga journey was realizing that I didn’t have to flee from discomfort. I didn’t even have to “put up” with it. I could actually just be the feeling of it, and enjoy it.

If we look back over time at how the physical practice of yoga actually evolved, it was a trigger to turn off the human hind-brain to enable deeper meditation.

The hind-brain is the part of our brain responsible for our “fight or flight” mechanism. It means that if you don’t like something (i.e. a threat to your continuing survival and existence) you run from it, or fight it. When we do yoga poses, many things can be said but at least in the early days it’s not as if you’re going to hear someone say about a reverse triangle “It’s the most comfortable pose I’ve ever been in.” It’s not exactly like being in a candle-lit spa being hand fed strawberries and spoons of honey.

And whereas many fitness regimes can be uncomfortable (“no pain, no gain”) with yoga you’re not moving, you’re not running – you’re staying still and experiencing it. If it hadn’t been for that ability to learn forbearance, I don’t think most of the rest of my spiritual journey would have evolved as it has in this life. And if you’ve ever met someone who started yoga and after that became a completely different person, or experienced that shift in yourself, you know what I mean. It’s only once we no longer have to react in fight or flight that the more “thinking” or “conscious” part of our brain and heart can take over and allow us to make more informed, spiritual choices for ourselves and others.

When I was growing up, there was a Japanese anime series called Aeon Flux, and in the opening sequence, there was a man speaking over the music, accusing his lover. Whatever accusation he made, she always countered with a statement that transcended and mutually included his. One such accusation was “You’re skating the edge.” How many times have you heard people say that either you or they were on the edge? Perhaps on the edge of discovery, on the edge of insanity, or perhaps just on edge and anxious. It’s a statement that limits and judges our journey of expression and experience. But Aeon’s answer, as was typical for her, embraced his accusation, as well as countering it. “I AM the edge,” she replied.

“I AM the edge,” she replied.

I don’t remember whom I first heard say this – perhaps it was the mystic Andrew Harvey, but it’s not a modern concept by any sense of that word, and it can certainly be traced as an idea at least as far back as Rumi: “God is in the paradox.” God (or our inner higher self consciousness) is who asks us to be neither one nor the other, to transcend this idea of human duality, and simply be – in the case of Aeon Flux, the “edge”.

There’s often times in our lives where things are just damn uncomfortable. Speaking from my own experience, there might be someone doing something to you that you just don’t like. You don’t understand what they are doing. You don’t like it. It doesn’t make sense. They should stop. You want to get over to that nice place, over there, that happy place, a nice land where they aren’t doing that thing that’s so uncomfortable anymore.

But what if we can’t get there?

It’s in those moments that God is asking us to walk the paradox, and be that edge. You don’t like where you are, you can’t get to where you’d like to be, you’re stuck. There’s only one way out (or over), and that’s the path of love.

There’s plenty of examples from history of these kind of situations. People, for instance, like Nelson Mandela, who were asking, as nicely as they could with the tools at hand, for their people to be treated with dignity. He asked, and the response was to put him in jail indefinitely.

What do you do then?

People like Mandela transcended his experience, and became the edge. When he was released, he didn’t lead his people on a path of retribution and blind justice – he led them on a path of healing, reconciliation, and forgiveness. He realized the “happy place” in the context of their history wasn’t theirs to inhabit, and nor did he want his people to stay in that place of discomfort and pain – there was only the edge left.

So when we find ourselves in that place of discomfort, where we just can’t get to the happy place, God (or our consciousness) is asking us to transcend.

And what does it mean to transcend?

It means to be love.

You can’t put up any longer with how that person is treating you, and nor can you get to a place where they aren’t doing what they are doing – there’s only love left. The path of being love.

I’m not talking about not having healthy boundaries so that these situations don’t arise – having healthy boundaries is the best thing for preventing uncomfortable situations. But sometimes they arise anyway, because we didn’t know ourselves well enough, or didn’t know we needed a boundary in that way, or even how to enforce it.

Through our physical practice and path of yoga, we can find that path of love, transcending the boundaries of what is comfort or discomfort, and simply becoming the path of love itself as it flows through the river of our lives. We can press with our bodies into that experience of imperfect-perfect discomfort, each time finding a little more release, aware and listening to all the voices that burble up inside of us as we wait for our bodies to “give”, the long suppressed and toxic tensions that may have been subconscious and are now coming to the fore.

And in that “aha” moment, where that feeling of discomfort transcends into simply a feeling of awareness, we find the edge of love, in ourselves, and in our bodies. Find the edge of love, and then become it.

~Akasha Rose

The Amazing Power Of Chakra Sound

The Amazing Power Of Chakra Sound

The chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means a spinning wheel or vortex. It’s other meaning are the seven chakras found in the human body which corresponds to the glandular systems of the body. Each chakra is a center of spinning energy where the first chakra is found at the base of the spine while the seventh, at the crown.

It is known that the chakra is a center of spinning energy, and that everything that moves causes vibrations. With this vibration, you find sound and this is why different parts of the body vibrate with different chakra sounds at different frequencies.

Seven different chakra sounds come from the seven chakras. Colors also vibrate with the sound at different frequencies. There are different colors associated with the different chakras and it is the combination of the chakra sound and color that restores balance in chakras. This in turn improves health.

You only need your voice for sound healing via chakra sounds, to feel better, calmer and clearer in a matter of minutes. However these chakra sounds should be soft and gentle, and not longer than five minutes duration each.

1. Sound healing starts with the deepest sound you can make, ‘UH’. This is to be done with eyes closed and attention concentrated on the base chakra of your spinal base. With this sound, you have to note the sound resonance in the body in the chakra, and not from your throat. This chakra sound can be visualized with red color and should be said for a minute or two.

2. The second chakra sound comes from the second chakra found about three inches below the naval. The chant for this chakra sound is ‘OOO’ which can be complimented with the color orange. Eyes have to be closed for one to two minutes when chanting to realize the balancing of this chakra with other chakras.

3. The third chakra sound “OH” has to come from the navel chakra, found at the navel area. The color for complimenting visualization here is yellow. This chakra sound has to start very softly and gently, but higher than the last sound.

4. The chakra sound for the heart chakra, found in the middle of the chest is ‘AH’. This sound is usually emitted when in love and the heart chakra is associated with love. Green is the color you can use for complimenting this chakra sound where you have to start with a soft and gentle sound, with a slightly higher pitch than the last chakra sound.

5. The chakra sound for the throat chakra is ‘EYE’ which has blue as its complimenting color. Like other chakra sounds, this chakra sound too has to be of a higher pitch than previous sounds

6. ‘AYE’ is the chakra sound for the third chakra found a bit higher than the two eyes, and in the forehead. The chakra sound is associated with indigo and has to be started with a soft and gentle tone, but should be of a higher pitch than previous sounds.

7. The crown chakra, found at the top of the head, demands the highest sound you can make. This chakra sound is ‘EEE’ and is complemented with purple and starts by making the highest ‘EEE’ sound possible. Like other chakra sounds, this chakra sound also starts soft and gentle.

The eyes have to be closed when chanting all chakra sounds with attention concentrated on the different chakras. This focus on the chakra starts projecting the chakra sound from the chakra. And the resonance from the sound chakras helps in the balance and alignment of the each chakra with other chakras.

After the exercise, you are sure to feel light headed. It is better to relax or meditate after this to process your experience and realize the actual benefits you gain through chakra sounds.

The author Nisal Karuiyaratna is one of the experts who writes for site. Visit here to understand how knowing about chakra sound can transform your whole life and receive twenty nine Free chakra sound Audios.
Chakra Energy Unleashed

Chakra Energy Unleashed

Did you know that our bodies have tremendous amounts of energies, which are sufficient to ensure our physical and mental health? This may come as news to many Westerners, but it’s a fact of life proved and followed by many ancient saints and scholars in countries, like India.

They call the phenomenon as the ‘Chakra Energy’. To a layman, it is the energy generated by the seven primary energy centers in the body. Interestingly, all these seven energy centers are situated in the upper half of the body, i.e., from head to the base of spine. These primary energy centers are:

* Root or the Base Chakra (RED) located at the base of the spine, known as the coccyx.

* Spleen Chakra (ORANGE) located in the lower abdomen region, just below the navel.

* Solar Plexus or the Power Chakra (YELLOW) located in the stomach region, just above the navel.

* Throat Chakra (BLUE) located in the throat region.

* Throat Chakra (BLUE) situated in the throat region.

* Third Eye Chakra (INDIGO) located in between the eyes.

* Crown Chakra (VIOLET) located on top of the head.

Though invisible, these Chakras constantly and continuously rotate in the bodies at their stated positions. This movement is responsible for the production of energy, called Chakra Energy.

Your bodily health, both physical and mental, is entirely dependent on the harmonious movement of these seven primary charkas. Any kind of disharmony in their movements is unacceptable to the body and results in ill health in one form or the other.

So, what’s the secret of Chakra Energy? The Chakra System of our body is an all-powerful spiritual mode of controlling and regulating our lives. The balance in the movement of these Chakras is the ultimate aim of any human being. This is because of the fact that the movements of body Chakras produce energy.

If the movement is in sync, the Chakras will produce sufficient energy to ensure physical and mental well being. However, if the movement is not in sync, the energy so produced will not be sufficient and it’ll invariably result in some body ailment.

The other important thing to know about Chakra Energy is the difficulty level in your quest to attain Chakra balance. Indeed, it’s not easy to bring about a radical shift in Chakra movement overnight. However, if you persist and show extreme determination to attain that magical Chakra balance, believe me, it’s a life-changing experience. The process is called Chakra Meditation, and is performed by sitting or lying down in a most natural posture. The next step is to relax every body part and feel every cell and organ of the body starting from the toe. This means a lot of visualization, and in the process, lots of distractions in the form of negative emotions. But the key is to persevere and eventually, you will conquer every hurdle in your way and transform into the most evolved being known to mankind.

This may trigger a natural question, i.e., why this simple fact is largely unknown to the modern humans? The answer lies in the over-dependence on science and technology for even the basic human needs. Earth is sufficient to provide us with all the supplies needed for a healthy and peaceful existence. But the modern man has divided the control over the Earth’s blessings, resulting in constant struggle and over-dependence science to augment the supplies of even the basic necessities. Moreover, the thrust on technologically advanced gadgets has meant increasing drift from the spiritual aspect of life.

Fortunately, everything is not lost forever because the Chakra Energy is within, and you can correct the Chakra movements anytime you want to change your life for better. All it requires is sustained effort and a strong desire to make a healthy change in your life. If you appreciate and understand your body and its simple requirements, then balanced Chakra movements is not too difficult to achieve. Originally, our needs are not meant to go beyond what Mother Earth can naturally provide. However, the imbalance of Chakra movements is the price we have collectively paid for the scientific advancements. And Chakra balancing is the answer to all your health-related questions in the Twenty First Century.

The author Jonathan Benjem writes for the popular site. To understand how chakra energy can transform your whole life and how you can get free chakra energy instant balancing and healing sound recordings.

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What is a Feng Shui Bagua is Used For?

A Feng Shui Bagua is one of the essential tools for practitioners to determine the Feng Shui of a place. The Bagua is divided into 8 directions, similar to that of a compass. After the division is made, you can see that there are 9 areas on the Bagua map, in which each area represents a different aspect of life.

Knowing the fact that each of the 9 areas represents an aspect of your life, you can use the Bagua map to determine what went wrong in the Feng Shui of your home. As such, you can also make the necessary amendments to enhance the quality of your life.

Below is a list of the 9 areas of the Bagua map and how each area affects an aspect of your life.

Wealth and Prosperity

The area of hsun gua on the Bagua map represents wealth and prosperity. Pay special attention to your kitchen sink as it symbolizes the flow of your wealth. If you encounter any financial problems recently, you should do a clean up of your kitchen sink as a dirty kitchen sink might block the flow of your wealth. Call for a plumping service, as clogged water pipes will affect your wealth flow as well.

Fame and Reputation

Fame and reputation occupies the Li gua of the Bagua map. If you find that someone is gossiping about you or passing bad remarks about you, it is time for you to take some action.

You will need more “fire” energy to improve your relationship with others. One simple thing that you can do is to wear some accessories that are yellow in color. Yellow color emits cheerfulness and friendliness, which will help to improve your relationship with others.


Relationships lie on the kun gua of the Bagua map. If you encounter any relationship problems, it is time for you to make some adjustment to your bedroom, especially your bed. Adding a bamboo wind chime to improve the flow of positive energy (Qi) should be good enough.


The jen gua of the Bagua map represent families. To maintain harmony in the family, the living and dining room should be well decorated. It should be spacious enough for family gatherings. There should also be products such as crystals to enable a smooth flow of Qi in these gathering areas.

Health and Balance

The center of the bagua map represents health and balance. To maintain good health, there should be a smooth flow of Qi throughout your house. The flow of Ying and Yang energy should be well balanced to ensure good health.

Creativity or Children

Creativity or children lies on the Dui gua of the Bagua map. Brightening up your workspace with more Yang energy sources will inspire you with new ideas. If you want to have a child, you must first improve the flow of Qi in your bedroom. Having better lightings and putting a few crystal balls beside your bed should do the trick.


Self-understanding is represented by the Ken gua. An object that affects this area of your life will be the window. The window affects your self-perception. Therefore, it is vital that you clean your window regularly because a dirty window might mean that you may not be able to see things clearly.


The kan gua symbolizes your career. The front door and pathway of your house will affect your career. Most of the time, people will hang auspicious Feng Shui products on the door to ward off the negative energies (Sha Qi).

Helpful Friends

Helpful friends will lie on the area of chien gua. To become acquainted with more helpful friends, you should try to get rid of any Sha Qi that is circulating around you. This Sha Qi prevents you know knowing new people. You can wear a crystal accessory such as a crystal bracelet to get rid of the Sha Qi around you.

By understanding what a Feng Shui Bagua is used for, you can take action to prevent bad things from happening If encounter any problem in your life, you can use the Bagua map to figure what area of your person or your house you need to change to improve the situation.

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Reiki 3 Master Level Course in Dublin an Attunement to the Reiki Master Symbol

The final level of Reiki training is commonly called Reiki 3 or the Reiki Master level.

This is the Reiki course where you receive the Reiki Master symbol.

It is important to highlight that the levels of Reiki that precede Reiki 3 are Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and the Practitioner Level of training. Reiki in Ireland is undergoing a process of self regulation.

Schools of Reiki are now being asked to offer the Reiki Practitioner level if they wish to be recognised by the Reiki organisation Reiki Federation Ireland.

How long does the Reiki Master/ Reiki 3 course take?

This level is taught in various ways and over different time frames depending on the Reiki teacher you choose.

Some Reiki teachers teach Reiki 3 over a weekend and others offer more extensive programmes.

If you are considering doing the final level of Reiki training, then there are two important questions to ask yourself. Are you interested in teaching Reiki and in learning how to do attunements, or do you just wish to get the final Reiki Master symbol for your own self use and to use during Reiki treatments.

If you wish to teach Reiki, then I highly recommend that you take part in a structured Reiki teacher training programme. In my Reiki module the Reiki teacher training programme is taught over a six month time frame on a part time basis.

I also facilitate a weekend option for those just interested in receiving the Reiki Master symbol to use in Reiki treatments.

What is involved in attending the Reiki Master Attunement Weekend?

I offer the Reiki Master Attunement Weekend to anyone who has completed my Reiki Advanced Practitioner course. Those who wish to complete the Reiki module and desire to have the Reiki Master Symbol, but who have no interest in teaching Reiki are represented at this Reiki course.

People who attend this weekend with me are not shown how to do attunements on others. This is something which is included in my six month Reiki teacher training programme. Attendees are given the Reiki Master Symbol and are attuned to this symbol. We spend much time doing Reiki treatments and we do a Reiki Master symbol meditation.

Who Attends the Reiki Teacher Training Course?

Anyone who has completed the Reiki Practitioner Module with me can attend. Not everyone who does this course plans on teaching Reiki. Some attend for their own self development.

Anyone attending this course does not have to do the Reiki Master Attunement weekend.

What is involved in the Reiki teaching programme?

I run my Reiki teaching module over a six month period on a part time basis. There is a meeting once a month where various aspects of Reiki and Reiki training are discussed. In between meetings the group are given assignments.

Each participant sits in on and observes me facilitate at least two Reiki 1 classesone, Reiki 2 class one, Reiki Advanced Practitioner level and one Reiki Master Attunement weekend.

Towards the end of the programme there is a weekend assigned to showing participants how to attune people to the various levels of Reiki training.

For more information on Reiki classes and the Reiki Master level visit our website.

3 Meditations to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

3 Meditations to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

Your Third Eye is also called the Ajna Chakra and is the sear of wisdom, intuition and psychic powers.

It is the most important chakra to open first when you take up a kundalini meditation practice.  The reason for focusing on opening this center first is so that inner guidance starts to flow, therefore, helping you with the rest of your spiritual practice and evolution.

These three techniques have been successfully used for centuries to open and balance the third eye and thus, extract the benefits that such activation produces.

1. AUM Mantra Chanting:

Let’s begin with our favorite, the AUM mantra meditation. The seed sound of the Ajna Chakra is the sound AUM. Chanting this sound directly influences the center and causes it to open and activate.

To practice this technique sit up straight close your eyes and being to chant out loud the sound AUM. Make a long sound “OOOOOOOOOOOOO” and finish with a shorter “MMMMMM”. In addition to chanting this mantra, keep your attention fixed on the center of your forehead. This is location of the third eye and attending to this region will further enhance the effectiveness of this mediation.

2. Silver Hammer Tapping.

Another powerful method for opening the third eye, is be using the silver hammer technique. In this meditation, you will again use the power of attention by focusing on the center of the forehead, and will couple with the following breathing pattern.

For this meditation, break up your inhalation into sixteen tiny sniffs, and with each sniff visualize a small silver hammer tapping the center of your forehead. Keep the sniffs very small so you can do sixteen to complete ONE inhalation. After you complete the inhalation, exhale in one breath and then repeat the pattern.

The number sixteen is associated with the center – the center of your consciousness, your forehead – your third eye – so it is important to control your breathing to allow for sixteen sniffs.

3. Alternate Nostril Breathing:

A third technique which can be used to activate this center is the method of alternate nostril breathing. To this meditation, following the breathing pattern below.

Close your right nostril and breathe in long, deep and slow through the left nostril. Also visualize the breath traveling in a straight line from the nostril to the center of the forehead. Then close the left nostril and exhale slowly through the right, this time visualizing the air leaving from the center of the forehead and out the nostril. Keeping the left nostril closed, now inhale through the right and then close the right and exhale through the left. All the time doing the visualization as well.

You can start with ten rounds initially and then build up from there. This is a very powerful technique and you should not overdo it initially. Make sure you are not doing more that you can handle comfortably at any time.

So there you have three time tested, potent techniques for opening the all important third eye chakra. Becoming familiar and comfortable with your third eye center, will allow you great intuition.

Do you meditate regularly? If so, do you focus on your third eye chakra? How has intuition helped you?




Do You Feng Shui or Do You Zen Shui

Do You Feng Shui or Do You Zen Shui

Zen Shui or Feng Shui

Yah, I like Zen Shui better than Feng Shui. The name says it all: It adds zen to your flow.

Fēng Shuǐ, pronounced [fɤ́ŋ ʂwèi] is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment. The term Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English. The Feng Shui practice was created so we could work with energy flow otherwise known as Qi/Chi.

Feng Shui BaguaThe bagua (Chinese: 八卦; literally “eight symbols”) are eight trigrams used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either “broken” or “unbroken,” representing yin or yang, respectively. Due to their tripartite structure, they are often referred to as “trigrams” in English.

The trigrams are related to taiji philosophy, taijiquan and the wu xing, or “five elements.” The relationships between the trigrams are represented in two arrangements, the Primordial (先天八卦), “Earlier Heaven,” or “Fuxi” bagua (伏羲八卦), and the Manifested (後天八卦), “Later Heaven,” or “King Wen” bagua. The trigrams have correspondences in astronomy, astrology, geography, geomancy, anatomy, and family. (source Wikipedia)

Feng Shui Got Ugly

Historically, Feng Shui was widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures—in an auspicious manner. Depending on the particular style of Feng Shui being used, an auspicious site could be determined by reference to local features such as bodies of water, stars, or a compass. Feng Shui was later suppressed for many reasons, partially due to the ever growing folk remedies, superstitions, and misuse (too many mirrors to deflect an unfavorable neighbor, or urinating on property parameters, I kid you not) diluting the integrity of the original principles. It has since experienced a surge in popularity, but hopefully with a little more rationale. Keeping energy positively flowing through one’s home brings great harmony. Protecting one’s home from unfavorable energy is also comforting. But going out of one’s way to deflect perceived negative energy, especially with assertive methods, is not what Feng Shui was intended for. It is important that in all things we do, thoughts we have, and intentions we set, to go forth with harmonious outcomes in mind and not to get caught up in otherwise negative thinking.

The bagua can be just as effective as it is confusing. Applying the octagon to a space is not always practical, especially a long rectangular property or awkward floor plan. Consider the bagua more like an inspiring guide. If you lay the bagua over the top of your floor plan, your front door will default to the knowledge, career, or helpful people areas. Consider each room an opportunity to balance an area of your life so that you can better manifest your goals and promote harmonious relationships and good health.

The primary objective is a balanced home. Within your space, and each room, create balance with inspiring stimulation. Plants, even fake, suggest life and growth. Images of water and fountains suggest movement, flow, and rebirth. Inspiring, thought-provoking artwork keeps your mind engaged and creative. Dimensional art, such as mobiles and sculptures, is even better. Statues or images of religious, successful, or helpful icons keep you focused on your values and goals. Books, magazines, and games keep your mind stimulated, and if they are inline with your aspirations, even better. Photos of family members and happy memories keep your heart in tune and also remind you of why you work so hard towards your goals. Each of the elements also plays into this harmonious setting you create.

Colors incite emotions–lifting you up, bringing you down, possibly even aggravating you. It’s important to understand your relationship with colors and embrace them in ways that help, rather than hinder. Yellow is at the core of the bagua. Interestingly enough, it is also the color of the 3rd Chakra, located in our solar plexus, our core. Yellow is the color of the sun, and we are happy in golden sunlight. Happy faces are yellow. On the flip side, bright yellow can be an aggravating color, triggering arguments and irritation. It suggests “caution” at stop lights, but is also associated with comfort food. Bright yellow may not be the best color for a main living room or even an infant’s room. However, golden hues of yellow often set a soothing, warm glow to a room.  The same can be said of red, another strong color with positive or negative effects, depending upon the hues and application.

A perfect example to keep in mind is that of an Advertising firm whose interior designers applied the Feng Shui principles to a lead executive’s office. When clients came into his office they saw a harmonious and subdued painting of blues, greens, and earth tones. The executive faced the clients. Behind them was a painting full of dramatic red and strong brush strokes. The clients were  lulled into an agreeable state of mind, but the executive stayed fired up so he could successfully seal the deal. The seating also played a significant role. His chair was slightly higher than theirs, and had a tall, broad back that made the executive seem confident. The clients’ chairs were plush and comfortable which made them feel relaxed and agreeable. Take a look around next time you visit a major chain store. Starbucks and even McD’s these days are steppin up. Visiting an impressive hotel? Really take note of the decor and floor plan. A lot of thought goes into harmonizing with you as soon as you walk in the door, getting you to walk in the right direction, and easing you into a happy state of mind so you want to come back, another satisfied customer…

Feng Shui can be relatively easy and it doesn’t have to cost much at all. As you’ll see, the colors of the bagua are also represented in the colors of the chakras. If you’d like to work on various issues within your life, you can use color and elements to bring harmony. The two concepts play very nicely together. Like everything else we discuss here, getting zen with your flow in every aspect of your life is the goal.

FENG SHUI MAIN POINTS by FengShui & Beyond
Color is vibration. Everything is alive and made of energy and everything vibrates at a particular frequency. The same is true for Feng Shui colors — each color vibrates at its own unique frequency. Just as you and your home are connected through a multitude of overlapping energy fields, you are connected to the colors in your home in the same way.

Along with Feng Shui and other environmental metaphysics, color psychology is a very simple yet powerful tool for creating your own reality. Color has a remarkable impact on your psychological and physical well-being. Once you begin to understand Feng Shui colors, you can use them to your advantage—both as a metaphorical and literal instigator of positive change in your life.

Using color in your home is not a cut-and-dried approach. There are three things to take into account when using Feng Shui colors:

  • First, consider the common psychological effects of color and see what resonates with you;
  • Second, review the different areas of the Feng Shui bagua and see what colors correspond to each life situation;
  • Third, read which colors are appropriate for each room according to Feng Shui principles.

Follow your intuition, and use your best judgment. Use colors that you love and that energize and inspire you. If you are told that purple represents abundance, but you hate purple, then do not use it. Use a color that represents abundance to you.

Your home is the threshold between your inner reality and your outer reality. It can be used both to understand who you are now and to direct where you want to go in the future.

Everything is connected and made of energy. So when you change the energy in your home, it directly affects you.

Your intention is everything.

Namasté ॐ

What Does Christian Louboutin Know About Chakras

What Does Christian Louboutin Know About Chakras

Christian Louboutin’s red bottom shoes, have a foothold on how to walk the walk of success. Handbags and watches surely make a statement, but those red soles have a certain je ne sais quoi, and there’s more to their statement than bling and benjamin$.  Wearing them is empowering.
Red is the color of your Muladhara Chakra. This is your first chakra, the Root,  your center. It is your survival instinct, your home, and your money. It is the energy that grounds you. If you’re having an issues with these areas of your life, you may want to heal some pain and get grounded so you can release the past and move toward your desired future.

Red is the color of the Southern Bagua in Feng Shui. This is your Light Within.  It is your reputation, your fame, and your integrity. It is the essence of your purpose. If these areas of your life are out of balance and depleted, you may want to clear out distractions so you can heal and nurture this area of your home, as well as your first chakra.

Freshen the space with a cleanse, maybe paint an accent wall with 2015’s Marsala red, or mix in some pillows, a pouf, or just some beautiful fresh red flowers. Spend some quality time in that are of your home, bonding with the space and giving it purpose. Every area of your home should reflect your intentions, this helps your subconscious mind stay tuned in and on track.

So, when you experience red in general, empower yourself with the color. Use it as a grounding, healing, energizing source. Walk with purpose. Decorate with Purpose. Dress with Purpose.

IF you’re rockin in those areas, and a shoe-maven who sports the Christian Louboutin’s then red soles are often a mark of success, of a hell yassssss YOU kick ass and YOU GOT THIS!  You got this far, and it’s your RIGHT to not only celebrate your success, but stand tall and proud that you walked your walk, talked your talk, and you’re showing up in style.

Every time you experience the color red in your home and wardrobe, it’s new message is one of purpose. You #OmTHAT color RED.

Thank you, Mr. Louboutin, for knowing how to speak to our sole and lift our spirits. <3 <3