Some love spring, some love fall, I love summer most of all. Rosé season. Not blush, not white-zinfandel, oh hell no, Rosé. Beautifully dry, crisp, refreshing pink wine that is never sweet, but reminiscent of the first bite into a hand-picked, wild strawberry or raspberry on a hot day.

Why Rosé? It’s the essence of the fruit, like nectar from the Gods, it’s not heavily oaked or sweet, so you really get a crisp, acidic experience like when biting into fresh fruit. Rosé is made from red grapes, but only lightly crushed and left to macerate on the skins for a few hours to a few days, unlike red wine that macerates much, much longer.

Rosé is made all over world and can vary in shades of rose color, from almost salmony-orangeish to dark magenta pink. They can be made from any and all red wine grapes. IF you ever have an opportunity to attend a Rosé tasting, do it, you will be blown away at the delicious range of flavors from each varietal.

The French drink Rosé by the gallons, its their go-to wine, especially on a warm day. Rosés from the Provence region of France top my list all year long. These Rosés are a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre. If you happen to see Viognier on the label, take a moment to really enjoy the aroma of that wine, chances are its particularly floral, making for a very pretty wine.

Rosé wines are undervalued (because White Zinfandel bastardized the pink wine category with its syrupy sweetness) which is lucky for us right now because that makes it super affordable at about $6-12 a bottle.

Domaine Tempier, Bandol, Domaine Ott, Chateau Routas… my fav’s from Provence, are not always easy to find, so I cling to my favorite, most steadily available La Vieille Ferme and La Ferme Julian.  Thank you Vineyard Brands, Trader Joes, WholeFoods and Safeway for keeping my love affair with Rosé available all year long.

It’s nectar from the God(esses). It’s perfectly yummy with cheeses, it stands up to “red wine foods” as well as “white wine foods” and especially, my fav, spicy foods. It’s Goddess wine.