Nicole Tietje, Contributing Author, Jeweler, Spiritual Advisor

Nicole Tietge is qualified as a Crystal-whisperer, worker of Space and Energy, and a Spiritual coach to name just a few. Nicole is not currently teaching others on a formal basis, instead, she is chooses the route of the sage; living by example. At one with her home and surroundings she masters the arts of Feng Shui, color and symbolism to calibrate intention and purpose. Trying to live as aligned to a spiritual lifestyle as is possible in this day and age, she dances through life finding joy and magic in the most unexpected places.

Reading and writing has always been one of Nicole’s passions. Nicole likes to consider herself as a free spirit and student of all realms of life. Wife and Mother of 2 daughters, a Frenchy, a Maine Coon, and a turtle, in abundant wine country, she cooks and entertains often, yet appreciates that some of the best moments in life are yoga and meditation at sun rise, yoga, walks with the dog, gardening and being one with her surroundings. Follow her on Instagram Check out her blog, NspYre Bliss