A brand new year already?! Once upon a time, my calendar was set to harvest and wine events, and my holiday seasons were blurred by bottling dates, but not anymore. My body, mind, and spirit were paying the price. 

No doubt, sacrificing a life long love of wine and food for a holistic yogini life definitely has its challenges. But indulging in more than my share of fat dinners and good wine left me spending the next day’s yoga practice in child’s pose or savasana, — forget the chatarangas! 

So, how does one indulge lavishly in the gastronomic delights and also rise to the highest expression in tree pose? You don’t, really. The two don’t go together well. Sorry, I tried.

Here’s some common sense tips from a wine-yogi. 

Match each glass of wine/cocktail with a glass of water — especially if it’s a long event like a wedding or a festival.
Drink lots of water before your meal, so you will be less hungry and can eat smaller portions. 
Approach a big, multi-course dinner in bite-sizes. 1-3 bites per dish, so you can try many different dishes without making a meal of any. 
Skip the coffee with your dessert. The caffeine only steals your sleep, and with all the other indulgences, you don’t need one more.
**That last glass of wine before bed isn’t doing you any favors**…ahem… 

Before bed: ***some goodies in here..
1 cup of SlimmingTea, to help move all of that excess food out of your system and save you from bloat. (Do not drink regularly)
2-3tblsp of Plain Greek Yogurt, to offset the sugars and acids and sooth your tummy.
Papaya tablets instead of Tums. Papaya is more natural, but Tums are fine too, if that’s handier.
**Secret Rescue** 1-2 Pearls Probiotics, these usually curb the 2-3am insomnia from the sugars waking you up.

Vitamin B12 and Omega Fish Oil
Green Smoothie Savior!
           1 whole lemon – nature’s detox
           1/2 cucumber – anti-inflammatory, rehydrator
           handful Italian Parsley – cleanses your blood
           handful spinach or kale – nature’s exfoliator
           1 cup of cold water
           ice cubes

Forgo the coffee for green tea. Refrain from sugars, starchy processed foods, and no matter what your taste-buds tell you, that grand-slam greasy breakfast is NOT going to help you with your yoga practice, or anything else for that matter, except a nap. Just steer the OTHER direction! That’s your body reacting to the alcohol, and  setting you on a nasty craving cycle for more of the same…One or two days of indulgence can actually set you back for a week or more IF you let it.

Sadly, a truly happy union between an indulgent lifestyle and the yoga mat doesn’t exist. One must take precedence over the other. (Secret: your body prefers that you love it over wine.)
Water is your best friend before, during, after, and always. Green Juice regularly.

Cheers and Namaste.