Buddha Gnome – Zen Ohm Gnome – Meditating Buddha Garden Statue




This little Ohm Gnome Buddha Statue is exclusive to PhenomeGnome — gnomebody else makes him but me 🙂 He is holding a meditation rock with the Ohm symbol on it. Look at his blissful face – he looks like he has achieved the ultimate state of nirvana. Wouldn’t he be awesome in your zen garden? This listing is for the Ohm Gnome only — his little dragon friend is listed separately.

☀ Gnome Buddha measures approximately 5″ Tall x 3″ Wide x 3″ Deep

☀ Handcrafted with my own special blend of cement & strengthening components and painted with special paints made specifically for outdoor statues

☀ Waterproofed with cement sealer & sprayed with several coats of a special outdoor UV-Resistant clear acrylic

☀ If you choose to display your statue outside, it is perfectly normal for the sun and other elements to put normal wear and tear on it. Any type of painted statue (concrete, resin or ceramic) sitting in direct sunlight is likely to fade faster than one placed in a shady spot. If you live in a climate where there are freezing temperatures — be advised you may want to bring your statues indoors for the winter months.

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