Indigo Ajna, 6th Chakra, the Third-Eye Pouf Cube Pouf

Tune into your intuition as you zen out on this Ajna inspired pouf. Colors for the 6th Chakra are indigo and purple, making Ajna a great Feng Shui fit for your wealth and prosperity (SouthEast) of your home or office. It only make sense that you’d need to trust your intuition to be truly successful… Calibrate your vibration to achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations.

Pink, 7th Chakra, Sahasrana Pillow by OmThat. The 7th Chakra, Sahasrana, is the crown chakra, represented by a pink glow. Get in tune with your higher-self with this inspiring pouf. In Feng Shui, Pink and white are best for the relationship/marriage areas (Southwest) of your home, as well as the creativity and youth (West) areas.

  • Dimensions: 13″ x 13″ x 13″
  • Weight: 4.75 lbs.
  • 100% sturdy spun polyester.
  • Hidden zipper enclosure, cover is fully removable.
  • Pouf cover is machine washable, lay flat to dry.
  • Filled with polystyrene beads.
  • Made in the USA.