Teva Flow Bra with Om (Orange) – Yoga Nomadic Bra Fairy Cropped Top Yoga Clothing Flower of Life Om Print Criss-Cross Back Open Back Top




The Teva Top is comfortable, stylish and unique, designed for flexible freedom to dance at festivals and stretch at yoga. The soft fabric hugs the body gently, feeling like a second skin. The interlaced criss-cross back straps make it possible to twist with ease.

This top is super versatile, it can be worn on its own as a cropped top and looks great as an under layer. You can stretch easily and it’s supportive so it can also be worn as a bra.

Featuring the Om print as a symbol of peace and a reminder to breathe during your meditation in motion.

The Teva top is perfect for yoga, sports and festivals to stretch and move in style with stamina!

Colour options : Plum and Orange

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