Zen Garden with 1 Engraved Stone OM SYMBOL Rock




Zen Garden with Engraved Stone. This COURAGE Stone Zen Garden. Includes:

1- 8”x 7” black, wooden box
1- 12 oz natural Idaho sand
1- Deeply engraved 3″ river stone
1- 2″ Laughing Buddha Metal Statue
3- Polished, semi-precious stones
1- Wooden rake

Empty your mind and let the void be filled with tranquility.

Keep it in your favorite spot. When seen, you will be reminded of all that is good. Zen gardens are created to experience tranquility, calmness and shut out the outside world. Used for relaxation and meditation a zen garden is a great addition to your home.

Rearrange the stones or rake though the sand to experience a serene calming effect at the end of any chaotic day.

There’s no beating this price! $22.00 for everything!

The Stone is a natural river rock from the Snake River Valley in Idaho. Each stone is hand picked, we do not buy stones in pallets. The Sand is gathered from the Great Sand Dunes in SE Idaho. Its taupe color is derived from the wind carrying fine particles of lava rock and glacier stone over the rocky plains. It is soft and clean and has more colors than a rainbow.

Makes a unique gift.

Shipping is $13 USPS GROUND

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