The Dream Behind OmThat

My dream journal, December 2007:


The second dream of the past week is transcendent. For a moment a few times a day since my dream I have felt touched by another world. True or only wishful, I will absorb the feeling as if it is real and relish in the fact that I may have spoken with God, well a deity actually. But it was godlike enough. 
I was somewhere other than here, other than in America. Someplace I have always dreamed of going. It could have been Anywhere, maybe Indonesia. So let’s just call it that. I sat at a rivers edge along an old pier. The water was calm, it was deep, it was dark into the depths and clear for as far as the eye could see into the center of the earth it seemed. I was not alone, there were people with me. I do not recall who they were. but we were there exploring, taking in the sights and relaxing. The day was warm. It was tropical, but not hot. It was just right.
I kneeled on the pier, looking into the water. Something caught my eye. Something moved just below me. It was as if someone was watching me but wanted not to be seen. I look down and could not decipher what I was seeing. It was a body of sorts. It was so massive it was like earth, but more like stone. The color and size of a whale; gray, dark, mysterious. I looked deeper in to the water. Nothing. I shook it off as water and water life, a figment of my imagination. They do not actually have whales this far inland after all.
Then, moments later, I am looking beyond the pier, just along the water’s edge, below the plate of the shoreline. I see movement once again. I look closer. It is toes. I see moving toes. Then, of all things I hear girlish giggling. I look behind me and below me and there she is. A deity arises from the water. She had been napping down there, below the pier, below the water’s surface and maybe we had awakened her. She came to the top of the pier and sat with me. I guess it is rare for humans to see her. Which is why, she said, she giggled. In her accent that sounded almost African, yet divinely feminine, she told me that she would not have revealed herself if I had not seen her first. And indeed, she was not ray at all, but very dark. So dark it was like looking into the night, the darkness seemed so deep as if it went on forever, and yet every feature of her glowed. Her eyes were translucent and sweet. Her cheek bones made her seem as if her smile was everlasting and every word was said with a childlike awe. Her size was massive, maybe 2-3 stories tall, but she was delicate and feminine as she was strong. She sat with my friends and I, allowing them to see her as well as we were all like minded spirits who respected her purpose in our journey. 
We sat there in mid day, on the pier, like kids who might play marbles or jacks. We were lost in time, chatting the hours away, on nothing in particular. Then she states her desire. She needs something from me. Of all things, she needs a logo. She has many people who can do these things for her, people of masterful and even magical skills. But she laments that they are expensive and want too much. “How can they want so much?” she says, “It’s just a logo.” I agree and commiserate with her and attempt to explain why and how and what for. She looks at me and simply says in her beautifully delicate broken English; “I need for YOU to do it for me.”
And that is my dream. I have been hired by a deity to create a logo. Somehow I will have to venture back there or she will have to find a time to meet with me, or somehow communicate with me what this logo is to be of. For now I will hold her image in my memories and work from there. A magnificent deity of the kind you see in Hindu or Buddhist cultures; feminine, muscular, adorned with jewels upon her head, wrists and ankles. Dancing whether she be sitting or standing, she is always dancing. What is her purpose? What does she represent? Each of the deities I have ever known of has a purpose, a power, a skill. What is hers? I am guessing I shall know soon.

The Inspiration for its ConstructionOmTHAT Pink Logo