If you think yoga practitioners–especially teachers–are all about calm, you’re wrong. Some teachers bark like sergeants. “Authority” is their middle name and they make it clear right from the start that it’s either their way or the highway. This type of teachers may make students’ knees go weak but for others, this is what they need. On the other hand, there are teachers that are as caring as mothers and as sweet as sisters could be. They’ll take you by the hand and patiently guide you through every step.
However, regardless of the teaching manner you prefer, you should keep an eye out for the following qualities a good yoga teacher should possess:
Your yoga teacher must be a passionate practitioner, too. Find a teacher who is not only after teaching the discipline to earn a living; find someone who is zealous in enhancing his or her craft. Most importantly, your teacher should lead as an example. So look for one who is worthy to be emulated.
Your yoga teacher must be generous. In this context, generosity refers to his or her knowledge, experience, and learning. He or she should help you understand yoga beyond the back-breaking flexibility-challenging poses you’re taught. You must have answers to all your “whats” and “whys.” This way, you’ll be able to deeply understand the principles and significance of the practice.
Your yoga teacher must give you a sense of empowerment. Yoga should make you feel strong and confident as an individual. This relies heavily on the teacher. Again, learning yoga should go beyond your ability to touch your toes. Your teacher should help you break the surface and dive into the philosophy behind the discipline. Once you fully understand the true meaning of yoga, you’re one step closer to becoming a master, too.
Your yoga teacher should respect privacy. In a way learning yoga is like a contact sport. However, in this case, you’re not only physically close to your teacher but also mentally and, probably, emotionally close as well. Chances are you’d be sharing slices of your personal life with each other. Although these talks may come out naturally, you and your yoga teacher should have a confidentiality agreement.
Your yoga teacher should understand your needs. Not everyone learns at the same pace. So, your teacher should have the patience to work with your present physical aptitude and mental capability.
Think of your teacher as the only doorway between you and yoga. Ask yourself: Would he/she grant me passage or would he/she keep the knowledge and principles locked behind? Find the right teacher through The Yoga Teacher Training Directory. Click here for more information.

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