Yoga has made the lives of millions of people around the world easier and more beautiful. Yoga gives all round benefits improving both mind and body of an individual. Yoga helps to maintain body equilibrium. It also enhances strength, stamina, and flexibility. Regular practice of yogic asanas helps to enhance concentration and self-control. Yoga is highly therapeutic in nature.

There are varieties of yoga postures some of which are discussed here. A yoga posture, which is quite common and easier to perform, is the spinal roll or rocking exercise. It is most beneficial to overcome the problems of drowsiness as well as stiffness. This yoga posture gives the body vitality. First sit down on the mat and then drawing up your knees bend your head down. Your hands should be under your knees – now swing back and forth very similar to that of a rocking chair. It greatly strengthens spine and the neck.

Another common yoga posture is Uddyiana Bandha, which influences both our mind and our body. This is extremely beneficial for our internal organs of the abdominal region. It is also good for our heart and cures obesity. It basically consists of two parts.

1. The first involves standing with your feet at a distance of a foot.
2. Now bending forward a little, place the hands above the knees
3. Inhale and then exhale trying to push in your stomach as much as possible until it becomes concave and stay in that position for around ten seconds
4. Return to normal standing posture.

Sirshasana or headstand is another popular yoga posture that enhances circulation to the brain that helps to develop memory and intelligence. It is also a cure for some serious ailments like nervousness, tension, fatigue, sleeplessness, dullness, fear, asthma, headache, and so on. It also stimulates important endocrine glands.

Initially you should start with fifteen seconds and slowly increase the time. However, those suffering from high or low blood pressure should avoid this yoga posture. This posture should always be practiced carefully in order to protect your head. Kneeling down on the mat, place your interlocked fingers and forearms and then place your head into the hollow of the palms. Inhale and then slowly and steadily raise your legs until they are in a vertical position. Stay erect and relax while breathing normally. To return to the normal position bend the knees and lower the legs one by one.

A comparatively easier yoga posture is Viparitakarani Mudra, which is supposed to provide strength and balance to the body. This yoga posture is believed to be a restorer of youth and vitality and to prevent premature ageing. It also enhances the functioning of the sex glands. The first step requires you to lie down on the mat and raise the legs and back. Your hands should be under your hips in order to support your body. In the next step close your eyes and breathing slowly and concentrate on the gonads. Remain in this position for about two minutes.

One of the basic yoga postures is that of Halasana. It is useful for making the spine flexible. It opens up the spinal discs and stretches the spinal muscles and ligaments. It is also good for thyroid gland, liver, spleen, and arthritis. In order to perform this yoga posture, lie down with face upward and bring both legs over your head and try to touch the floor. Knees should be straight and the arms should rest beside you. Breathing slowly, remain in this posture for a minute. Slowly go back to the original position.

There are different yoga postures and one should begin by practicing those that are suited to their body and can be performed without causing any injury.

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